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Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set A8PS (SALE)

Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set A8PS (SALE)

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Sculpey Tools™ Sculpting Tool Set A8PS


The 8 Piece Sculpting Set has traditionally been used for pottery projects, but it also has unique applications for oven-bake clay. 

  • Perfect for cutting, carving shaping, sculpting and detailing oven-bake clay before baking.
  • Set includes:
  • Needle Tool – cutting clay strips, designs in clay, and making holes in beads. 
  • Loop Tool – trim or refine the shape and control wall thickness. 
  • Ribbon Tool – light cutting and trimming of clay and adding design detail. 
  •  Potters Rib – opening, shaping, smoothing, and trimming clay. 
  • Wire Cutter – sectioning large pieces of clay and cutting pots off the wheel. 
  • Sponge – transporting water to the clay when it is being worked, and absorbs and transfers water away from clay when being thrown. Also works great for applying antiquing medium to finished oven-bake clay pieces. 
  • Wood Modeling Tool – features 2 unique heads that are great for shaping clay.
  • Steel Scraper – shaping, smoothing and trimming clay shapes.