Wholesale Ordering Instructions

Creative Wholesale offers wholesale pricing for qualified retail stores, professional crafters, contractors, and manufacturers.
In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, please follow the instructions below:

1. Register as a New User, and Wholesale Customer on the Registration Form.

2. You must also furnish a copy of your State Sales Tax Certificate for verification to Creative-Wholesale. Fax a copy to (770) 474-2326 or email it to info@creative-wholesale.com.

3. At this time, you cannot place wholesale orders directly on this site. All orders placed through the online store will not receive wholesale pricing and are subject to sales tax.

4. APPROVED WHOLESALE ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY TELEPHONE. WHOLESALE PRICING IS ONLY AVAILABLE BY TELEPHONE. Call 1-800-347-0930 for wholesale pricing and to place an order. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you!

5. MINIMUM WHOLESALE ORDER $100.00 each order.

6. Clay Products. The prices listed on the website is the first wholesale price, that price is 40% of Retail. To get a further discount, you are required to purchase in case or multiple case quantities. Any order less than case quantities will be charged the first wholesale price shown on the site.

7. Glues, Wood Fillers, are wholesale priced on the site. Each price and case prices are shown on the site. If you are ordering Glues or wood fillers, etc, the price on the internet applies. No further discounts are available.

8. Most all products on this site are listed at wholesale price each for less than case wholesale pricing. In order to get further discounts, you would be required to purchase in case quantities.

9. Americana Acrylic Paints are priced below wholesale at $0.99. No further discounts are available for these products.

Thank you for your interest in Creative Wholesale.