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Sculpey UltraLight, White, 8 oz - LW2001

Sculpey UltraLight, White, 8 oz - LW2001

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Sculpey Ultra Light,   Oven Bake Clay.  LW2001

White, 227g (8 oz.)

Soft, squishy and hard as a rock--new Sculpey UltraLight is the most exciting polymer clay launched in years. This amazingly versatile clay is lightweight, but bakes so hard that it won't crack or break, even in large pieces. Sculpey UltraLight is a perfect replacement for tinfoil armatures, as filler for large jewelry beads and any large sculpting project. When rolled thin and baked, Sculpey UltraLight is flexible and perfect for paper crafts. Sculpey UltraLight even floats! Just like original Sculpey, cured Sculpey UltraLight can be painted with 100 percent acrylic paints, sanded, drilled and buffed.