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Amazing Goop 1 oz 140231 (SALE)

Amazing Goop 1 oz 140231 (SALE)

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Amazing Goop, 1.0 ounce Tube  #140231

One of the strongest, most flexible, all-purpose adhesives ever created.

Strongest single component adhesive.
Bonds to practically anything.
Fixes practically everything.
Seals with a flexible, waterproof hold.
Won't crack or break like superglue.
Withstands heat up to 150  F.

Mend vacuum cleaner attachments.
Seal worn or cracked water hoses.
Repair broken ceramic flowerpots.
Fix and tighten loose towel racks.

Please choose UPS ground or USPS ground advantage only for this product.  See our terms and conditions for aerosols and ORM-D products.  This product is unable to ship priority mail or first class mail.

ORM-D (Consumer Commodity) Product.