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Coat-It  Kit Case of 2 -Two 8 Pound Kits  5400060C - Creative Wholesale

Coat-It Kit Case of 2 -Two 8 Pound Kits 5400060C

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 Coat-It, by Goop

Case of 2 -Two 8   Pound Kits

Coat-It protects your boat bottom or truck bed with this superior, waterproof epoxy sealer. Coat-It cures to a thick, smooth, black graphite coating. 

  • Versatile:   Bonds to aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood.
  • Easy to use:   Just pour, stir, and apply.
  • Strong:   Reinforced with Kevlar fibers for extra strength.
  • Practical:   Enables boats to glide smoothly over debris and rocks.
  • Fast drying:   Sets and dries completely in 10-12 hours.
     2 lb. kit covers 20 square feet
     8 lb. kit covers 80 square feet

Use Coat-It To:


  • Find, fill, and seal even hard-to-find leaks in aluminum, steel, and
       fiberglass hulls, wood decks, and tank troughs.
  • Coat boat bottoms, truck beds, and canopies.
  • Repair decks, hulls, and tank troughs.
    FOR ALL AIR SHIPMENTS & SHIPMENTS TO ALASKA AND HAWAII, this product is considered Hazardous.

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