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Environmental Technology

Color Creator CC20-AL

Color Creator CC20-AL

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Introduce vivid color into your artwork with Color Creator’s Premier Gift Pack, which contains a total of 20 additives. Use this incredible combination of highly-pigmented translucent dyes, mica powders, and fine glitter to breathe even more life into your hobby and craft projects. With this pack at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!
Pack Includes: 
10 (.33 fl oz) Alcohol Inks (Gardenia, Galaxy, Deep Sea, Fiji Green, Rainforest, Canary, Papaya, Hibiscus, Flamingo, & Wild Orchid.
5 (10g) Mica Powders (Diamond Dust, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic & Bronze Metallic.
5 (10g) Fine Glitters (Gold, Silver, Red, Black, & Blue)