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E6100 Glue Black 10.2 ounce Cartridge Case of 12 #252031C

E6100 Glue Black 10.2 ounce Cartridge Case of 12 #252031C

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E6100 Industrial Strength Adhesive Black

Non-Sag 10.2 oz Cartridge 

Case of 12 Cartridges   #252031C

(Fits into standard cartridge gun)

Dries clear and paintable.  Washer/dryer safe.  Photograph Safe, Waterproof

E-6100 Non-Sag Formula
E6100 is a unique NON-SAG, non flammable industrial adhesive formulated to meet high-performance requirements.  It permanently adheres  to more surfaces than virtually any other adhesive, providing exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry, concrete, asphalt, leather rubber, PVC, neoprene,vinyl and many plastics.  This NON-SAG formula will not drip or run and is highly recommended for use in applications requiring vertical hold.  E6100 maintains its flexible bond in extreme cold temperatures, will not crack or become brittle and is excellent for bonding items subject to vibrations.  For applications exposed to direct sunlight, paint over E6100 after curing..

Where to Use/Applications

  • counter top assembly
  • cracks in vertical brick & mortar
  • HVAC systems
  • leaking containers/pipes
  • locking down fasteners against vibration
  • seam in trailers
  • installing and securing building signs
  • wall paneling
  • roof flashing/shingles
  • garage door assemblies
  • auto upholstery/paneling/molding & much more

FOR AIR SHIPMENTS, this product is classified as Hazardous. Additional UPS HazMat Fees Apply.  See Terms and Conditions.  NO additional HazMat shipping fees for Ground Shipments.